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May 2015

5 Tips in Keeping Your Tile and Grout Clean

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Your floors definitely create an impression when one enters a room, be it in your office or in your house. So, cleaning your tile and grout regularly is necessary. It shouldn’t cost you a fortune, especially if you remember these 5 tips to maintain the cleanliness of your tile and grout.

1. Wipe fresh spills

One of the biggest causes of stains on your tiles and grout are spills, which have been left for too long. Never let coffee, ink or pet stains such as urine leave blots on your floor. Get a piece of clean rag and gently wipe down the area as soon as you see the spill. If you are dealing with pet urine, you can use newspaper to soak as much liquid as possible.

2. Mop, Rinse and Wipe

You don’t want to walk upon greasy, grimy floor, do you? Ceramic tiles should be mopped down at least once a week. This is especially needed to maintain the shine for glazed tiles and to maintain cleanliness of porcelain and the non-glazed. Always vacuum and sweep the whole surface before mopping to remove loose dirt. Use a mixture of warm water and detergent to clean the tiles. While this may clean the surface, it doesn’t do the same to the grout, so the grout must be cleaned separately. Rinse the area with water to remove any detergent residue which may cause dullness and finish the whole process by running a dry mop over the floor for that shiny, dirt-free tile look!

3. Seal the grout

Grout needs special attention. No matter how clean your tiles look, discoloured grout lines can ruin everything. As mopping alone will not guarantee a clean grout in the end, the best way to clean it is through the use of a brush. For discoloured grout, create a paste of warm water and baking soda. For tougher cases, you can use bleach or lemon (though this is not recommended to be used on the tiles themselves). Apply the mixture to the grout lines and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing. Let it dry.

Every 6 months to 1 year, the grout has to be resealed to avoid moisture and stains from penetrating. Liquid and aerosol grout sealers are available, so the one you’d like to use. Remember though, that grout sealers only have certain length of effectiveness.

4. Get professional help

Once a year, it is recommended that you have your tile and grout cleaning handled by professionals, like Greenworks. Your grouts might need deep cleaning, or if you have old tiles, they might need extra care to bring back their old glory. Greenworks has the right tools and the right people to handle your tile and grout problems. Plus, we only use the safest products for you and the environment!

5. Keep your floor dry

Air your house or bathrooms to keep the surface dry. After every shower or mopping, make sure to let sunlight in. Mildew, mold and other bacteria tend to break out on wet surfaces especially grout lines. Protect yourselves and your family from these illness-causing germs by simply keeping your floors dry.


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