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When to use a professional carpet cleaning service to remove pet stains
Feb 2014

When to use a professional carpet cleaning service to remove pet stains

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If the pet stains and odors are relatively old and have already set in the carpet, you will definitely have to use professional help to get rid of them. Pet fur, urine, and feces deposits can penetrate deep into carpet fibers. Urine in particular, when left unattended, can seep right through into the padding and even down to the floor beneath. What’s worse, even if you can’t still smell the odor, your pets can, and they will use that scent to mark their territory, where they will pee again and again until the stench builds up and becomes too strong even for you not to notice.

Carpet manufacturers recommend, and the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IIRC) agree, that you should have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once every year.

For those with pets, professional carpet cleaning should be done oftener, not less than two or three times every year. If you wait too long before seeking professional help, chances are the damage will become permanent and you may have no choice but to have your carpet totally replaced.

According to the IIRC, hot water extraction is considered the best treatment for getting rid of pet stains and odors. Moreover, the Institute says that only a professional carpet cleaning company may have the facility and training for completing the prescribed four-step professional process for cleaning up pet waste, namely:

1. Removing the source of the odor using special detecting tools like blacklight;

2. Thoroughly cleaning the surface with powerful hot water extraction equipment, whether truck-mounted or portable;

3. Treating the affected area with appropriate enzyme-based solutions and other odor counter-acting agents which works by completely breaking down the odor causing components; and,

4. Sealing all restorable surfaces and reinstalling the carpet.

The carpet cleaning process used by professionals to get rid of pet stains and odors is much more rigorous than what you can do on your own. For starters, most typical homeowners just do not have access to the type of powerful extraction tools that professionals regularly use.

Unlike those which can be bought or rented from regular stores, the carpet cleaning equipment which professionals use can rinse and suck up dry your carpet very fast, very efficiently. You will be able to walk on your carpet almost as soon as they are through with their vacuuming. Furthermore, the work which a professional carpet cleaning company does involves certain essential steps like replacing the soiled section of carpet padding, cleaning the sub-floor and sealing it with an encapsulating material, and making sure that both sides of the carpet are completely sanitized and cleaned of stain and odor. These are steps in the cleaning process which most homeowners would often not even care to think about.

When should you use a professional carpet cleaning service to remove pet stains? Definitely before it is too late. These stains are not only unattractive and are a constant source of embarrassment. Over time, they will become weak spots in your carpet. Eventually, you will begin to see your carpet tearing along these stained patches.


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